Some of Our Key Features

Secure Video Calling

Enjoy free video chat with anyone who also has a Glimpse account and a webcam or smartphone. Use this feature for private lessons or anything that adheres to your business needs.

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Your privacy is in your hands. One click, and you can lock down your page from all public viewing. Secure your page from being seen by anyone you do not want to see it.

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Live Broadcasting

Live Broadcast on Glimpse is easier than you might think thanks to the custom live video broadcast tools available only on Glimpse. The live video can be seen only by approved followers.

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Get Sponsored

Do you have a business or a special talent? Want to help out a creator with a few bucks? Glimpse can allow you to transfer funds to a creator, in some cases the same day.

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Content Sponsorship

Glimpse sponsorships pay you from your sponsors, not by an advertiser. Post your Glimpse link to any website you choose and automatically get sponsors who want to reward you.

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Social Media Sponsorships

Have you ever had the idea of selling your stories to all your followers. Glimpse now offers you a way to monetize all you stories that keeps you and all your followers happy.

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Online Store

Would you like to have an public or private online store?
Glimpse offers you options to upload online documents, images and videos to your online store.

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Instant Notifications

Whenever a Glimpse user sends you a tip or you get a Glimpse request or perhaps a new sponsorship, Glimpse will notify you immediately with a notification.

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Creators From Around the World Call Glimpse Home

With a place that focuses on creators and sharing content, Glimpse is the best place to build your audience and get paid to do it. Check out some of our featured creators today!

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  • I’ve been with for over 3 months and I’ve already started several projects with the people I met there. I’m amazed by the potential of this platform when it comes to connecting people with similar interests. Unlike on most popular social networks, people here are active, truly passionate about new projects, and ready for inspiring conversations.
    Mindy Carter
    Lean Startup
  • I love how quickly my tutorials get shared. I created my first tutorial video for Call of Duty just to see how the platform works and whether the video gets picked up. I was surprised by the number of people who downloaded it within a single hour! I didn’t really expect it to bring me any money, but here I am, actually playing games, sharing tutorials, and getting the income I always wanted
    Eli Jacobs
  • I use Glimpse all the time. It really saves me time and effort and I get to meet so many new people. Glimpse is exactly what our creator business has been lacking. Glimpse is the bomb!
    Aloysius Ventura
  • is the real deal! It's made me a fortune! I have been completely blown away. I use every day.
    Corrie Edison